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 Larry Krause's own compositions on Northern Range , include tunes like Cowboy's Wish, Year's Flyin' By, Fallin', Footprints in the Moss, Shortest Day of the Year and Nothing Left to Do. Larry ventures into Canadian classic territory covering a Wilf Ingersoll rodeo tune Silver Buckles (a top 30 hit in 1979 for Ingersoll); and also brings back fond memories with a solid version of the fun tune Herschel's Hemi Half Ton, a top 40 hit for Jimmy Arthur Ordge back in 1976.  Northern Range was recorded at Riverbend Sound Studio in St. Louis , SK. and features session work by an assembly of veteran pickers out of the Saskatchewan country talent pool.
Footprints in the Moss - original composition - Larry Krause
Released April 2006- Larry was approached by John Dinius, who represented a group of local folks in the Paddockwood area interested in local history, about the prospect of writing a ballad. The focus of the song would be the Montreal Lake Trail, which was a very well travelled year round route from the Paddockwood area to the southern tip of Montreal Lake, providing a merchant connection from Prince Albert to the north. The end result of this project is the song "Footprints in the Moss". 
Released June 2005 - "Christopher Lake, SK singer / songwriter Larry Krause is obviously a devotee of the music of Ian Tyson. This debut collection of tunes from Krause features a solid rendition of one of Tyson's classics – Fifty Years Ago – and Michael Burton's Night Rider's Lament which has long been part of Tyson's repertoire. The remaining 8 songs are all penned by Larry Krause , and in many instances both the lyrics and the vocal delivery are strikingly close to the Ian Tyson ‘sound'. Neat stuff. BEST BETS : Headin' Home / We Pulled Through / One Way Track" -Country Music News, Larry Delaney, July 2005
True Blue - released in 2005 - Larry Krause "The Gate Is Open" 2006 release
Released in 2006 - "The Gate Is Open" is a country gospel collection featuring four of his own gospel songs and some tasty renditions of country gospel favorites, all done with traditional, acoustic arrangements.  Larry Krause shows some versatility with his own gospel creations. The album's title track, "The Gate Is Open", is truly inspirational in content and driven home with his powerful, pure country voice. "Tree In The Forest" is more of an Oldtime Country Religious offering, while "Do You Know" is done in Gospel group harmony style. -  produced by Larry Krause with Dave Sinclair and recorded at Riverbed Studios in St. Louis, Saskatchewan
Recorded, engineered and Mastered at Mosaic Music, Prince Albert, Sask. Produced by Rich McFarlane and Larry Krause All vocals and Harmonies by Larry Krause Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin and Bass - Rich McFarlane Cover Art - Linda Jabusch
This album is kind of a mix of songs, both mine and those of others, that reflect a lot of what I believe. I would like to give a big thanks to Rich McFarlane, who was able to see into my vision of what this album could be, and played his huge part in creating it. A great big thanks to all the Folks that come out and take in the shows that I put on, and constantly provide me with encouragement and support. Your being there gives me the energy and the want to keep right on doing what I love to do. There is no way that this Album, or the touring that I do to bring my music to you Folks, could happen without the support of my Friend, Life Partner and Wife, Gail. 'Thanks' don't even come close to covering the appreciation I have for her being by my side and along for this ride. I would like to dedicate this album to the congregation of the Eigenheim Mennonite Church, that "Little Country Church" in my life. It was in that community, in fellowship with so many people there both past and present, that my love of music, concern for my fellow man, and my faith in God began. From its early stages, meeting in Folk's homes, through the various designs of buildings, to the present day , this group of Believers exemplifies letting your spirit grow. The name Eigenheim is German for 'home that is dear', and for me, it always will be.
Larry Krause
Larry Krause Singer - Songwriter Traditional Country